Street Culture Uniting Freely – better known as SCUF is an Australian based distributing company focused on brands that bring something a little different and unique to the Australian market.

Sourced from around the globe, SCUF promotes fresh and exciting unisex brands representing vibrant street culture. We caught up with the two masterminds (who also happen to be husband and wife) behind SCUF to find out what makes them tick.


SCUF_03Image by Rebecca Mansell


Firstly, Thank you both for taking the time to chat to us. Tell us a little about yourselves and how SCUF was born.

Well, I’m Tye , I’m from a surfing/skating background and my wife, Nicky, is from a fashion/visual merchandising /make-up artistry back ground. We both love creativity and unique things. I guess being born in Cape Town, South Africa some of ‘her’ unique and artistic ways have rubbed off on us over the years! It’s a pretty special place and has loads of character.
We both love the street culture and we grew up in a time of being a ‘surf rat’ , where you could come out of the water, hop on your board and skate to the local corner shop. Some nights were spent skating and spraying the local bowl. There was no segregation between skaters, surfers and artists, it was all blended into one.

As for SCUF…well, it all kind of fell into place by chance really, a mutual friend sent us to Dope Industries to pick up some hats and shirts during a trip to South Africa in 2013. Later that year we decided to take a closer look at 2BOP. It took a while for things to get going; lots of talks with the brands about what they were doing, as well as their future direction. During 2014 we brought a load of sample stock across to Australia, and the responses was great. There seems to be a shift happening where people are getting tired of paying top dollar for mass produced apparel out of China, especially when there are 10 000 other people wearing the same thing.
SCUF thrives on being a little different.

SCUF_02Image by Rebecca Mansell

So, what is SCUF all about?

SCUF stands for ‘Street Culture Uniting Freely’ . It’s a bit of a mouth full, we know, that’s why you can call us SCUF for short.
We like to think of SCUF as a platform, a meeting place, a one-stop-shop for the something different from all the various spheres of street culture. From skating to surfing, graffiti to contemporary art, music and film, apparel and magazines, we are always on the look out for original brands, artists and even musicians that have a unique tale to tell. Our aim is to inspire, to bring people together and to shine a light on what we feel more people need to know about.

Each of our brands are up and coming, how ever, refuse to be main stream. We import a select few products and a limited number as to ensure the brands remain exclusive. We also like to work with stores that have a unique outlook towards street culture and keep true to the integrity of the brands.

What have been some of your biggest challenges so far in your careers?

I think the biggest challenge so far would be getting the name out there. There are so many brands popping up every where with no character and no back story. Every second person is looking to put a print on a T shirt with a logo and call it a brand.
There’s more to it. Dope Industries have been around for 15 years and 2Bop for 10 years. They’ve gone the distance and they stayed true to their followers.  Another challenge has been finding the right stores to fit the profile of the brands.  Its important to us to keep the  integrity of the brands as they were initially designed.

SCUF_01Image by Rebecca Mansell

Tell us a little more about some of the brands that you currently stock

Dope Industries was established back in 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa; by skaters for skaters. They currently have a number of riders representing the brand in South Africa, UK and even as far as Switzerland. Dope  like to keep it simple when it comes to their brand, however the statement button up Hawaiian shirts have become some what of a cult classic. This simple approach is perfectly suited to the free spirited culture.


2BOP was established in 2004 on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. 2BOP is slang for the 20 cent pieces used in arcade games. 2BOP captures the very essence of the local flavours and attitude. Inspired by the retro corner-store video game culture of the late 80’s and 90’s, whilst keeping in line with contemporary style and functionality.

They’ve had the privilege of being apart of Bread & Butter, Berlin during 2012 which had a really positive out come in Europe.

What does the future hold for SCUF?

At this stage we are looking to expand into a few selected stores to make some of the limited stock easily available to walk in buyers. There are also a couple f events which we will be attending throughout the year. More details will be on our blog and social media channels.

We are working with a local skater William Kitely from Perth, who is doing great things for skating as well as underprivileged kids in rural communities. We’re doing some promotional work with fremantle jazz/rap infused band Koi Child, using SCUF as a platform to create additional media attention on the work they are putting out there.  All our latest updates can be found on our Website and Facebook.

Should anyone be intrested in stocking any of our brands, please feel free to contact us on