Sydney based designer and entrepreneur Almira Armstrong is the creative mastermind behind luxury lifestyle brand ATELIER LUMIRA. Founded in 2013, Lumira is the manifestation of her life-long love affair with scent, design + travel.


The candles themselves are handcrafted using the purest, creamiest, all-natural soy wax available as well as pure cotton wicks, together with fine essential and aroma fragrance oils composed by a team of internationally renowned perfumers.


Of course, such impeccable ingredients deserve an equally exquisite aesthetic and just as much care has gone into designing an exterior that is bold, original and undeniably luxurious. We love that these candles will not only make your home smell amazing, but add a touch of glamour to your decor as well. LUMIRA candles are defined by the quality of their ingredients, the meticulous attention to detail applied in production and, most importantly, the ambiance they create when lit.


LUMIRA‘s Destination Candle collection forges a covetable range of ten distinctive scents resonating memories of places both near and far. Some of our favourites are:

BALINESE YLANG YLANG: A perfect mood-booster for romance and relaxation, Balinese Ylang Ylang is a sensual, exotic blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and sandalwood. The aphrodisiac qualities make this a romantic favourite.

CUBAN TOBACCO:  Escape to a place and time reminiscent of dusky, golden afternoons in the heart of Old Havana. A favourite with men and women alike, light this candle to create a sublime, bohemian vibe that starts with vibrant notes of tangerine, cardamon and clove bud that mellows into a lingering base of tobacco, patchouli, vanilla and musk.

ORIENTAL JASMINE: Oriental Jasmine is a beautiful floral fragrance with notes of jasmine and wild lavender melded with rose geranium and white cyclamen reminiscent of the start of Spring in Sydney.


From the wise words of Phyllis Theroux, “My nose remembers more than my eyes”.

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